Monday, January 2, 2012

Nuclear Nonproliferation Security Center, search for cooperative nuclear security measures among Korean · Canadian experts

Nuclear Nonproliferation Security Center, search for cooperative nuclear security measures among Korean · Canadian experts

Session 1 ("2012 Seoul Nuclear Security Summit and Symposium preparation trend and agenda) was carried out with participation of many academic experts and Canadian government officials related to nuclear security including the Ministry of Foreign Affairs G8 Globla Partnership program director Shawn Barber, Nuclear Safety Commission Safety Management Director Raoul Awad, Nuclear cooperation · Comply and Nonproliferation · Arms Reduction deputy director Terry Wood, Senior Policy Adviser William Gusen. Our delegation mainly introduced 2012 Seoul Nuclear Security Symposium preparation trend.

Especially, we explained that besides the standard nuclear security issues, there will be a discussion on global nuclear security governance in order to propose vision for nuclear securiy system. In response, Canada, as the first head nation on global governance research, has expressed intention to collabrate and support the opening of the Symposium. Also, Canada has agreed on the necessity of governence structuring to continuously strengthen the nuclear security.

In Session 2 ("Search for cooperative measures including nuclear security · nuclear power among Korea · Canadian experts") Korea · Canada bilateral cooperative measures were dicussed in attendence of officials related with Korean penninsular region including the North East Asia Director Alain Gendron,  officials of the Policy Planning Bureau and Canadian ministry of foreign affairs including human rights · governance policy adviser Stephen Green, former Canadian UN ambassador Paul Heinbecker, the North-South Institute director Joseph K. Ingram, and civil experts related to global governance including G20.

They have agreed that both countries, with similar position in the international community, can contribute in the creation of global public goods by joint leadership. Especially, Korea's compound diplomacy and Canada's diplomacy as middle power, or effort of building global governance, share common goal and strategy, and it is required to secure the channel for bilateral meetings of experts. They also agreed that 2012 Seoul Nuclear Security Symposium, the event at 2012 Seoul Nuclear Security Summit, will be the practical example.

Through this conference, our representatives were evaluated that they have successfully performed outreach activity related to 2012 Seoul Nuclear Security Symposium with Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Council for Nuclear Safety, the experts of civil think tank of Canada; and have raised the need of cooperation of knowledge for KoreaㆍCanada's bilateral nuclear security sector, diplomacy as middle power and buding global governance. Our representatives consisted of 6 delegates who were Chun Bong-geun the director of Center for Nonproliferation and Nuclear Security as the leader, Lee Dong-hui the professor at Institute of Foreign Affairs and National Security, Han Yong-sup the vice-president of National Defense University, Jung Young-soo the councilor of the Embassy of the Republic of Korea to Canada, Kwon Mi-yeon the second secretary of the Office of Planning and Coordination of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade, Choi Yoon-hwa the researcher at Institute of Foreign Affairs and National Security.

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